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Would you like new customers coming directly to you?

Shear Presence is an inbound marketing agency providing website design, development and top notch search engine optimization for all its clients. To provide the best customer service and results driven websites, we are committed to understanding the unique needs of our clients, and the customers they want to attract. Our business objective is to collaborate with like-minded business people, who see the potential for their businesses to grow, using inbound marketing techniques, a great website, and an out of the box thought process that will lead to success.

Inbound Marketing is a Process

There is no magic button to click to get found online.  It takes ongoing knowledge of the ever evolving search engine and social media world.  Shear Presence can bring you the expertise you needed to bring customers directly to you!  Our only focus at Shear Presence is designing SEO optimized sites and building  ever evolving online marketing strategies to fit your business needs.  We are focused and that focus is directly on the  – the inbound marketing process – bringing customers to YOU.  Partner with us and you’ll get the same talent and experience the large companies are getting spending tens of thousands of dollars and probably much more at a fraction of the cost, but with the same, if not better results!   We don’t just promise this, we prove it through our reporting process.

What can Shear Presence do for your company?

If you are a business to consumer company we can help.  Our specialty is to get you found, engage the consumer and have them contact you directly to learn more about what you offer.  You may already have an amazing site that brands your company and services just the way you like. Perfect.  You are half way there!  Let us take you further.

We pride ourselves on providing small to mid-size companies with the same marketing creativity, skill and knowledge that marketing agencies traditionally provide to large companies with huge budgets.  For a fraction of the cost, small and mid-size companies can now compete and enjoy the same inbound marketing their largest competitors have had for years.  Most large companies have an in-house staff to oversee all online activities.  In addition they work with agencies who are skilled in the latest search engine optimization strategies, as well as incorporating social media into the mix.

We can do the same for you, on the same scale, and at a cost you can afford.  You too can jump into the inbound marketing arena and begin bringing potential customers directly to you.  Are you ready for this?

How to get started?

Call us for a free consultation and assessment of your current online presence at (978) 828-1628!  Most business owners we talk to have a great vision of what they want for their online presence.  We can make that a reality.

We’ll provide unlimited email accounts, host your site, design, development and execution of your site, and a blog.   There’s much involved in the critical first steps of website design and development to begin the inbound marketing process right.  For a detailed list of all steps to the Design and Development Process, click here (to come).

For our clients who see the value in social media (and if you don’t, we’ll convince you), we also provide a blog with your site, as well as resources for content development.  In addition, we’ll develop and design social media business pages for you in Facebook, Google Pages and Twitter.

Shear Presence can provide you with an internet presence that finally allows you to compete with your largest competitor!  Our unique skill set in a small team, allows us to have low overhead, which in turn means lower monthly fees for our clients that we team up with, for inbound marketing programs.

Please call us today and we’ll give you a free, inbound marketing assessment of your current   online marketing presence – (978) 828-1268.

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